Join the fun! For kids in grades 1-4, we offer a FREE reading club to build reading, spelling, and writing skills. Space is limited so register immediately.

Wednesdays at Holley by the Sea recreation center in Navarre from

3:45-5:15 pm.

Sundays at Holley by the Sea rec center 10:30-11:30 am.  

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Reading Club


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Phone: +1.256.654.3205


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DATE change to Sept.13-17/20-21

Work from your home computer. We especially need help translating into other languages and creating the audio files, tutoring, and working in Power Point.

You don't need much experience, call or email: 256-654-3205

Thank you!

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Your support and contributions will help us to continue bringing God's word and literacy skills to people FREE of charge all around the world. Please consider donating today!  Thank you!

How can YOU help?

​​​​​​Up to 20% of any given population is dyslexic. These bright, creative kids often are labeled as slow, lazy, and dumb. However, when taught how they learn, they can overcome their reading and writing struggles.     YOU can be the one to change their lives… and their futures! Learn techniques to remediate these children and adults. More information:         AL_FL_OGcourseInfo_051721.pdf