2. ​​Jesus and Friends

4. ​​Stories Jesus Told

​1. ​​Jesus Comes to Our World

Story Stretchers... are perfect for: Sunday School, homeschooling, parents for their own children, after-school clubs, Christian schools, and summer programs. Use these pages to understand complex theological concepts such as fulfilled prophecy, persecution, and how to live out the Christian faith.

These Bible lessons are not connected to phonetics or reading instruction. 

Bible Lessons

for Sunday School

8. ​​I am Alive!

​​3. Jesus' Miracles

7. ​​Jesus is Alive!

5. ​​Jesus Heals


These full Bible lessons include: (the same as The Life of Jesus  - coloring page, key verse, Bible story​, discussion questions) -- PLUS lesson extension activity ideas, recipes, games, crafts, songs, take-home pages, and more. 

6. ​​Holy Week