Easy Breezy Reading

Break-through foundational literacy barriers with our "Read in Pictures" curriculum!

Developed to help new and struggling learners, especially dyslexic learners. Start with your
a-b-c's in Laughing Letters and continue in Funny Phonograms, into early 3rd grade for a thorough taste of all necessary phonics. 

ABC Fast Phonics

The Easy Read English Syllable Stories begin after the student has some basic English skills. 
If you need work on letter sounds or letter blends, get practice at this site.

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia

Watch videos about dyslexia and find a wonderful curriculum.

Basic Phonics Video

Students can independently review all the basic phonograms with this 14-minute video. Reading and spelling skills improve with regular use. Listen and repeat aloud while tracing on paper the sounds.

​Free Bible Images

​Download beautiful photographs or drawings to illustrate your Bible stories for FREE.